Freight charges, assessorial charges, surcharges or other charges named in this Tariff including 

advanced charges may be prepaid or collect at origin or destination, SBJ to the provisions named 

herein.  However, regardless of whether B/L payment status is prepaid or collect, the Shipper, his 

duly authorized Freight Forwarder, the Consignee and the Beneficial Cargo Owner shall be, and will 

remain, jointly and severally liable for all unpaid charges and freight, including but not limited 

to, any sums advanced or disbursed by the Carrier for the account of the cargo.


a. All freight and additional charges named in this Tariff are due and considered earned upon receipt 

of the cargo by the originating Carrier, or his agent, and shall be paid to the Carrier without 

discount or deduction, whether the ship and/or cargo is lost or not lost, transportation is 

interrupted or abandoned, whether the cargo is damaged or ruined, or whether packages or containers 

are delivered empty or partly empty at destination.


b. Rates and charges named in this Tariff are quoted in U.S. Currency and have been determined with 

due consideration to the relationship of U.S Currency to the other currencies involved, In the event 

of any material deterioration in the exchange value of U.S. Currency, Carrier reserves the right, 

upon publication herein, to adjust the rates and charges named in this Tariff to remove any adverse 

effect in conformity with the U.S.

Shipping Act of 1984, as amended, and the regulations of the Federal Maritime Commission issued 

pursuant thereto.


c. When freight and other charges named in this Tariff are paid in foreign countries, Carrier will 

accept payment in a foreign currency provided it is freely convertible.   When payment is effected in 

other than U.S. Currency, currency conversion shall be calculated on the basis of the highest 

official bank selling rate of exchange as quoted on the official exchange for the currency involved, 

on the day shipment is tendered to originating Carrier.


d. The payment status of a B/L may NOT be changed once transportation service of cargo has commenced 

(i.e. "prepaid" shipments cannot be changed to "collect" shipments and likewise "collect" shipments 

cannot be changed to "prepaid" shipments) without the express approval of the Carrier.